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Sports Glide Mat

Sports Glide Mat

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Looking for a versatile and durable mat for all your indoor fitness needs? Look no further than the Sports Glide Mat! Made of high-quality materials, this mat is built to last. It's perfect for speed skating and ice hockey training, but it can also be used to enhance balance and coordination, burn calories, and improve cardiopulmonary function. The convenient design means you don't need any lubricating oil - just put on the shoe cover and start gliding. The safety net ensures a smooth, quiet ride, while the PVC anti-skid mute net provides a realistic skiing experience. So get ready to have some fun and get fit with the Sports Glide Mat!


Product Material: Super smooth composite PE board + PvC anti-skid mesh + PP impact baffle
Product Length: 140/180/200cm(55.12/70.87/78.74'')
Color: Orange, Black

Package Includes:
1*Sports Glide Mat 
1*Shoe Cover 

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